Williams Apothecary – About Us

Williams Apothecary has been part of the Lancaster County community for years. Since 1970, our team of pharmacists have partnered with families, long-term care and assisted living facilities and Hospice of Lancaster County to create the maximum wellness and comfort possible.

With a commitment to providing personalized care, our team of pharmacists skilled in various disciplines of pharmacy are ready to help when you need it. In fact, regardless of the time of day, the type of medication needed or level of service required, Williams Apothecary is there.

Because no two patients are alike, we understand that not all commercially made medication work for all people. That's why we proudly provide custom prescriptions to help meet special needs. This handcrafted care goes into everything we do. From prescription processing to medication consulting to compounding medications, Williams Apothecary is the vital link between you and your healthcare provider.