Williams Apothecary – Healthcare Providers

Williams Apothecary has been part of the Lancaster County community since 1970. Over the years, our pharmacy has grown and today serves as a valued partner in providing healthcare to families, residents and patients in assisted living and long-term care facilities, as well as the many who are helped by Hospice of Lancaster County.

Our pharmacists work to support the direction of care recommended for individual patients. Physicians across the county and beyond turn to Williams Apothecary for drug information, dosing perimeters and drug therapy recommendations. As a certified geriatric pharmacy, we work with dozens of long-term care and assisted living facilities on issues ranging from quality assurance, policy and procedure development and education.

A noted compounding pharmacy, Williams Apothecary has a proven record of providing doctors with answers when traditional treatments do not work as needed. With Williams Apothecary, you are no longer limited to what is commercially available. By being able to titrate a dose or reformulate a medication, we can enhance the quality of health care for your patients.

Contact Williams Apothecary to learn how we can help you – help your patients.