Williams Apothecary – Hospice Services

As the contracted provider and consultant for Hospice & Community Care, Williams Apothecary is committed to providing the best quality of life possible, with maximum comfort, for the more than 400 patients that Hospice cares for each day. With 16 pharmacists, representing many disciplines of pharmacy, our team is always available 24-hours a day, seven days a week - to respond to the critical, and often changing needs, of our local Hospice patients.

We blend our community-first approach with our technically advanced pharmacy to provide personalized support in a timely, efficient manner. Through the proven art of compounding, our pharmacists create customized medications to provide pain management for home Hospice patients throughout all of Lancaster County, as well as for the 12 patients cared for at the Essa Flory Hospice Center.

Hospice & Community Care, our community's oldest and only not-for-profit hospice provider, provided care for more than 2,400 local patients and families last year. Williams Apothecary is honored to partner with Hospice & Community Care, caring for our neighbors and loved ones at a time when it's needed most.