Williams Apothecary – Caring for Our Community

At Williams Apothecary, knowing medicine is our business, but much of our time is also spent getting to know you. That's because our commitment to the community extends beyond simply filling prescriptions! We're committed to making sure we are providing the best and most current information possible.

Our Medication Information Services reaches across our community. From a question about a prescription, to long-term care and hospice, to providing educational support for healthcare professionals and governmental agencies, our experienced staff of pharmacists are there when you need us most.


  • Resident chart review
  • Active participation in facility committees
  • Policy and procedure development
  • 24-hour, 7 days a week service
  • Consulting and staff education

Because no two residents are alike, Williams Apothecary places a high value in making sure long-term care and personal care facilities have the added support needed to provide the best care possible. Our active, hands-on approach allows us to customize our service - giving you the help you need when you need it.

As a provider and consultant for more than 25 facilities across Lancaster County, our Medication Information Services team understands the demands of providing round the clock care. At Williams Apothecary we're here to work with you; in fact, we make it our job to make your job easier.


  • Active role in patient care
  • Admissions review
  • 24-hour, 7 days care and service
  • Consulting and education

As the contracted provider and consultant for Hospice of Lancaster County, Williams Apothecary is committed to providing the best quality of life possible with maximum comfort. As an active member of the Interdisciplinary Team we support patient care by evaluating individual patient medication regimen and providing patient assessments and recommendations.

With our 24-hour, 7-days a week commitment, our Medication Information Services team is ready to help when you need us.


  • Disease and pain management
  • Medication information
  • Medication compliance

At Williams Apothecary we believe a team approach is the best approach when it comes to your health. Our experienced Medication Information Services team works with you and your healthcare provider to assure you are getting the most from your medication. We can even help make sure you are asking the right questions when it comes to your health.

Through an open line of communication, our pharmacists can support physicians in a number of areas including: medication therapies, information, medication compliance, adherence and dosing perimeter.


Williams Apothecary's Medication Information Services Team plays an active role in providing educational support to healthcare agencies and professional associations. From pain and behavior management and long-term care, to medication errors, to disease management and mental health issues, Williams has the knowledge and expertise to help guide your team.

Pennyslvania Pharmacist Association 2004 Pharmacist of the year, Coleen Kayden, has presented to more than 50 health care organizations and associations. Among them:

  • Quality Insights of Pennsylvania - CMS-QIO
  • Kendall Corporation - PA Restraint Reduction Initiative
  • Department of Health, Delaware - Long-Term Care Initiative
  • National Alzheimer's Conference, Chicago, IL
  • Boston VA Medical System - Chemical Restraint Reduction in the Acute Care Setting

For questions or to schedule an educational seminar, please contact us.